Around the Villa Steiner

Full of life, rich in history, tradition and la dolce vita. That’s our Merano. Eighteen kilometres of walking paths and the expansive parks decorated with flowers also lend our charming little town the title of ‘Garden City’. Numerous walking paths begin in the centre, along which even Empress Sissi of Austria once strolled. In addition, there are the picturesque and well-shaded Waalwege (irrigation channel paths) that lead from here in all directions and to the neighbouring communities. Numerous hiking and cycling trails can be found in the skiing and hiking areas around Meran: Tschöggelberg (Hafling, Vöran, Mölten, Jenesien), Vigiljoch, Passeiertal valley with Hirzer and the Texel Group, the Ultental valley and the Schwemmalm.
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Explore Merano & surroundings

  • Hiking, biking and skiing at Meran 2000
  • Strolling the imperial trail through Merano: Sissi's Path
  • Relaxing at the Therme Meran spa
  • Walk and marvel in the blooming Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
  • Walk along Meran’s most beautiful irrigation channels
  • Stroll along the sun-drenched Tappeinerweg trail
  • Enjoy the open-air Knottnkino – a different kind of cinema
  • Summer excursion to the Vigiljoch mountain 
  • Take the chairlift to Dorf Tirol
  • Kayaking and rafting in the Passeiertal valley
  • Exciting hike through the Passerschlucht gorge
  • Leisurely Alpine hike or head up to the Hirzerspitze peak in the Hirzer hiking area
  • Leisurely cycle tour with picnic along the Passeier cycle path